The Polish Film Music Orchestra has in its repertoire concerts on the following subjects.  The orchestra also prepares concerts for special orders with a repertoire adapted to the client and soloists cooperating with the ensemble.

The orchestra also offers the rental of the ensemble for the needs of film, radio and other audiovisual productions carried out in Poland and abroad.

  1. Film Music Concert – HOLLYWOOD IN CONCERT

One of the largest productions of a film music concert. On the stage nearly 250 people – a large symphony orchestra, combined choirs, vocalists, multimedia. Performed the most famous and less known film compositions. It is a musical journey from Star Wars to contemporary compositions known from the largest screens. We are pleased to invite you to an extraordinary musical event which is a concert of the Polish Film Music Orchestra under the baton of maestro Przemysław Piotr

The person of the maestro, Przemysław Piotr, an outstanding conductor with 15 years of experience in creating various forms of film music concerts and extensive knowledge in the field of music psychology and music therapy, has an extraordinary gift of creating the best and most interesting musical events. The form of our concerts deviates from the usual patterns. We influence not only the sense of hearing, but thanks to visual elements such as  the play of lights or visualizations, the listener participates deeper in the event.

We offer you a great variety, in the first part of the concert, starting with a serious form, we will present in a classic and very elegant way, the largest and specially selected suites of well-known film themes. Building ever-growing tension, we will present you the second part of the concert: a typical film show during which the viewer ceases to be a spectator and becomes its active participant.  The huge diversity of the repertoire, its timelessness, universality and diversity of forms of communication means that the program is adapted to the listener of any nationality regardless of his age. This project is directed towards large facilities such as halls and large amphitheaters.

2.                  Film Music CONCERT – THE BEST OF

As the name says – The Best Of – that is, everything that is known and liked. This concert is adapted to the given city and to the audience of the concert. There will be no shortage of the most famous topics and well-known to all of us movie hits. The project involves a choir of 40 people and 6 vocalists.

3.                  Singing CINEMA SHOW

This program is aimed at an audience that likes dancing and popular music hits. The program is dominated by songs from films, film adaptations of musicals, etc. This offer is addressed to outdoor concerts and halls up to 1000 people and is carried out by a large symphony orchestra and soloists.

4.                  Patriotic Concert – Proud of Polish

A momentous and very Polish concert during which we perform Polish film music, and all this is interspersed with patriotic songs such as Warszawo ma  or Warsaw children and many others in amazing arrangements for symphony or chamber orchestra with soloists.

5.                  Wodecki Symphonically

The greatest hits of the unforgettable star of the Polish music scene of the twentieth and twenty-first century, i.e. Zbigniew Wodecki in arrangements for large and smaller orchestra composition with carefully selected soloists.

6.                  Walt Disney Music Concert

Fairy tales, fairy tales and cartoons not only for children. We invite you to participate in the project from the land of Walt Disney. Beautiful memories of childhood years and joy for the youngest is the colorful message of this repertoire. Princesses or Shrek, or maybe Frozen? Everyone knows the songs of Disneyland, which can now be hosted in your pages.

7.                  Greatest Hits

This is a dose of Super hits both foreign such as hits Scorpions, Europe, Abba, and Polish hits performed by vocalists, winners of music competitions known and liked on Polish stages.

8.                  Film music chamber orchestra

A musical project in which film and entertainment hits are performed by a string chamber orchestra. The artistry and precision of violins, violas, cellos, double bass performed by a small string orchestra is a classic of sound, the qualities of which were already known to composers and listeners from the Baroque to modern times.

9.                  The most beautiful joy of the Polish and foreign sorrows.

Concert of music by A. German, A. Fog and other most popular hits of the twentieth century Polish pop music. Symphony orchestra with soloists specially selected by the maestro for performances of Polish vocal masters.

10.              Concerts dedicated to

It is a program directed towards various occasions related to the Church celebrations of Primate Wyszyński John Paul II.

Called the Primate of the Millennium and the Father of the Nation, due to his consistent attitude towards the people’s authority, defence of human and national rights and strong leadership in the Polish Church. It was him who strengthened inner freedom and sense of dignity in his compatriots, strengthened faith, national identity, and also indicated how to build social life. It was him who created the foundations of the internal, libertarian social movement, which was later supported by John Paul II. Undoubtedly, cardinal Wyszyński is a person who deserves respect, memory and at the same time is an example to follow. It is a great grace that soon we will be able to experience the beatification process of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, therefore, in the context of his upcoming beatification, the Polish Film Music Orchestra, the 150-person choir and the biggest stars of the Polish music scene want to commemorate the person of Primate Wyszyński, pay him due homage and honour this momentous event with their music.

11.              SYMPHONY FOR LOVE

Move with us into romantic moments. It’s not a challenge for us. The most popular romantic songs and capturing the heart of lovers around the world. Musical stories sung with the most beautiful voices to the sounds of a symphony orchestra are just a substitute for the musical spectacle we are preparing under the sign of cupid and his arrows. Symphony orchestra, soloists, film projections in the background is a spectacle that you will remember for a lifetime.

12.              OCCASIONAL CONCERTS – Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

A concert proposal especially addressed to the female audience containing the greatest hits of popular music, operetta related to the theme of love, romantic ecstasy in a very elegant setting of a symphony or chamber orchestra.

13.              Banquet at Sanah’s – a musical concert realized during closed events, whose star is SANAH and the Polish Film Music Orchestra.

14.              International concerts for producers with film on the big screen.

Concert projects including a soundtrack performed live by the Polish Film Music Orchestra along with the projection during the concert of fragments of films such as: Kevin alone at home, Harry Potter, Gladiator, Passion, Titanic, Lord of the Rings.

15.              FILM MUSIC CONCERT with the star of the evening Beata Kozidrak or Kayah, Urszula, Soundgrace.

Concert of the Polish Film Music Orchestra with the selected star of the evening. The greatest hits of Polish pop music in specially prepared arrangements. Popular hits in a symphonic setting is a musical event that will take the audience into a new dimension of musical aesthetics.

INDIVIDUAL OFFER – corporate events

We are here for you, because what would an orchestra be without an audience?

The concert possibilities offered by the orchestra are very wide and can also be tailor-made. Thus, we offer private arrangements, professional show prepared especially for your event:

  • full or reduced orchestra composition depending on the place/budgets from 20 to over 70 musicians
  • possibility of performing with the choir
  • individual repertoire and arrangements or selection from the orchestra’s extensive repertoire
  • Configurable technology available (stage, lighting, sound system and FX)
  • a wide range of vocalists, opera singers, etc.
  • Options to choose an announcer
  • full scenario of the event available with the director and choreographer, dancers
  • Reportage possibilities of film and photo from the event
  • possibility of graphic design (invitations, mailing, posters, etc.)

POMF – Polish Film Music Orchestra

Artists cooperating with POMF so far testify to its prestige. Andrea Bocelli, Sanah, Beata Kozidrak, Urszula, Kayah, 2 Cellos, Kuba Badach, Albano and Romana Power, Enigma and many others are just selected soloists who often share the stage with POMF.

The orchestra was founded in 2011 by Maestro Przemysław Piotr. The passion for film music united so many musicians that the Symphony Orchestra was born.

The mission of the orchestra is defined and defined by 3 words:

Passion – love for music, love for the audience;

Friendship – The orchestra is not only concerts – they are people who share a common passion, friendship;

Charity – it is extraordinary that we can support with music. During the concerts, charity collections are carried out for various needs such as hospices, etc.

Promoting culture at a high level in small towns where viewers do not have access to philharmonics, opera and the opportunity to participate in musical events, performances developing internal aesthetic needs, the spirit of patriotism and the pure pleasure of communing with music.

Polish Film Music Orchestra www.pomf.com.pl

e-mail: management@pomf.com.pl

Mobile: +48 886-800-886